More Revenue within 30 days
Get these 30 concrete action steps that we implement with all our clients
The investment for this challenge is only €47 excluding VAT (Including €56,87)
In the last 10.000+ hours that we've worked on growing revenue for all kinds of companies, we’ve tried a lot of different things and came to a simple conclusion: only a very small fraction of what you do really matters for your growth. Find these things, and you've found your Growth Levers

Growth lever = the 1% of actions that generate over 50+% of your growth results.

But there is one problem. So many companies don’t know how to spot or implement those growth levers. That's why we've created the Growth Lever Cheat Sheet combined with this 30-Day Growth Challenge. 

Find and implement your Growth Levers
1. Lower your acquisition costs by acquiring customers from communities unknown to your competition
2. Increase CLTV by strategically guiding your customers through a value ladder
3. Maximize your revenue potential by proactively removing bottlenecks 
After this challenge you will be able to: 
We've carefully selected three growth levers that, especially in combination, can make a massive impact on your business. The three growth levers:

  • Dream 100 - A dream 100 is a list of 100 places where your ideal customers congregate. Creating a dream 100 will help you get in front of your ideal audience easier, faster and cheaper.
  • Value Ladder -  A value ladder is a lineup of offers that increase in price and value that meet people where they are on their journey to become a customer — from initial awareness to their final decision to buy your premium offerings. It's an effective way for you to build trust and maximize the lifetime value of each customer.
  • Revenue Stress Testing - The chain of your organization is only as strong as its weakest link. With a stress test you find out what would break in your organization if you would scale up fast. Doing this upfront, can make you millions in a couple minutes.
In our Growth Lever Cheat Sheet we've discussed them one by one and what you can do to get them live in a quick and dirty way or a with a structured approach. 

This challenge is designed for people that want to go all-in. Can you imagine where your business will be in 30 days if you implement the following things.

More revenue with an implemented Dream 100, Value ladder and a Revenue stress test

We don't grow when things are easy,

we grow when we face challenges.
Setting yourself up for success
  • Getting your time back - Freeing up 4 hours per week to work on growth levers
  • Getting Clarity - Do you know where you want to go? How big do you want your revenue to be? 

Revenue Stress Testing Fundamentals
  • Removing yourself as the bottleneck
  • What’s closest to the money - finding your first bottleneck
  • Fixing a bottleneck with new processes, outsourcing and automation
  • Implementing fast even if your organization is slow 

Value Ladder Fundamentals
  • Analyzing your product-market fit and best buyers 
  • Creating a customer desire map
  • Mapping your value ladder
  • Leveraging the value ladder of your competitors

Dream 100 Fundamentals
  • Building your first dream 100 within 4 hours
  • Boosting social capital and infiltrating communities
  • Leveraging your connections with a top 20 list
  • Advertising based on interests on different platforms

Accelerating your levers 
  • Building irresistible lead magnets to start your value ladder
  • Increasing the impact of your salesforce by creating a direct-response machine
  • Stories, metaphors, and case studies to connect faster with your audience
  • What should your next product be?
  • Opening up the desire for another product on your value ladder
  • Automating your value ladder with emails
  • Getting the most profitable affiliate and joint venture deals
  • Mapping the bottlenecks across your business

Growth Lever advanced strategies and techniques
  • Content syndication - the powerful trick to infiltrate communities consistently 
  • Stress test your revenue with advanced Theory of Constraints techniques
  • Riding the wave of customer demand
  • Advanced advertising techniques. How to leverage awareness and market sophistication
  • Value ladder personalization
  • Dream 100 tooling
  • Closing deals with the big influencers
  • Deconstruct your growth formula first principle thinking

Program logistics
The program will be delivered in a serie of 30 emails. In every email there's an exercise which you can do in 15 minutes or less. 

If you have a question about an exercise, you can email me, as I want to make sure that you get the best experience possible!

Your 30-Day Program:

If it doesn't challenge you, 
it won't change you..
The investment for this challenge is only €47 excluding VAT (Including €56,87)
Email us personally if you have a question about this challenge at
In our combined 20.000+ hours of experience, we've encountered the same issues that businesses struggle with and found a common passion for growing businesses and (online) transformation. 

Chris has founded one of the worlds best growth hacking agencies and exited in July 2020. He has worked with hundreds of clients on different continents. He is a lecturer at Beeckestijn Business school and has spoken around the world about growth. 

His true passion is unlocking extreme revenue growth and transforming everything that is necessary to support that. Chris still works with some clients 1-on-1 next to building his portfolio of online products.

Marlies has 10+years experience in working as a Marketing Manager for big corporates such as eBay and Bugaboo as well as (tech) startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands. In 2019 she co-founded the agency Amsterdam Webdesigners and has consistently made 10K+ since her first month as freelance consultant. 

About us
The investment for this challenge is only €47 excluding VAT (Including €56,87)
Email us personally if you have a question about this challenge at